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The coronavirus pandemic is hitting hard.

Everything changes. Daily habits, social norms, the economy and, of course, the health of thousands of people.

Hospitals and clinics are put to the test.

Here and there, public and private health systems are confronted with a disease, covid-19, which requires a large volume of basic medical equipment, including different types of masks and gloves. Also, as a health response, governments are ordering social distancing measures and enforcing public health practices which, in turn, put additional pressure on demand for medical equipment. Markets are struggling to meet global demand. States clash with each other, several observers of the international political scene describe the situation in terms of struggle, war, confrontation. The acquisition of medical equipment has become a major geopolitical issue.

Faced with the shortage and difficulties of supply, states, including Canada and Québec, are banking on local production and distribution, because they are more secure and immediate. This horrible pandemic makes us all realize the strategic importance for states and companies to be able to count on local producers and distributors.

However, several Canadian and Québec companies are putting their shoulders to the wheel in the fight against time. The more time it takes to acquire medical equipment, the more people are at risk of suffering from the virus and the more difficult the management of hospitals is to deal with. Time is what we save with accessible medical equipment and lives are saved.

We can all do our part against viral diseases like covid-19.

Medsup Canada is an emerging company supported by Gest-E inc which is part of this movement to bring closer and facilitate access to safe and quality medical equipment. Like others, we have suffered from the pandemic and know people who have died from it. We believe that civil society, you, your family and ours, have the right to have access to this essential material to optimize public health practices. These are basic means of prevention.

Inexpensive and efficient.

Above all, they certainly help reduce the risk of spread and infection.

MedSup Canada dedicates its products to the end user only, our products are not intended for resale by third parties. We intend to supply primarily hospitals, emergency services, supermarket networks, retirement homes, pharmacies, municipal services and, of course, citizens concerned by health and public health issues.

We can support you.

And, by helping you, you in turn help us protect the life of our own community.

Equipping oneself with medical equipment means making a mutual responsible gesture.

Let us show solidarity.


Consult the list of our products and contact us for advice or for any additional information.

Please note that we deliver everywhere in Québec and Canada, and exclusively in our country.

Medical Equipment Manufacturer and Wholesaler

Grossiste et Fabricant d'Équipement Médical

FDA License: 3016805481

Health / Santé Canada MDEL / LEIM: 12286

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