Recycling program

The innovative Medsup Go Zero program recycles different types of medical equipment offered by Medsup. We pick up products from hospitals or other businesses via our identified containers. Our recycling plant disinfects the products, shreds them and converts them back into recycled plastic granules for reuse by various plastics companies.

Order your recycling box today. Simple, safe, ecological and affordable. Visit our online store.

Recycle our products in just 5 simple steps

  1. Order your Medsup Go Zero recycling box.

  2. Assemble and install the recycling box in your workplace.

  3. Simply start product recovery according to your Medsup Go Zero plan. * Please note, only deposit authorized products. No product with traces of blood, biological fluids or with visible contamination.

  4. As soon as your Medsup Go Zero box is almost full, order another box from our online store.

  5. Close the Medsup Go Zero box and return the full box to Medsup Go Zero by courier with your prefered courier service. You can contact us to assit you with the return of the box to our recycling facility.

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Grossiste et Fabricant d'Équipement Médical

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