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Medsup acts as a wholesaler for our network of distributors and resellers. Our distribution, logistics and warehousing capacity allows us to guarantee availability and rapid delivery wherever you are.

Manufacturer of medical equipment

Medsup has 2 manufacturing plants, one on Canadian soil and a second on American soil. We proudly manufacture ASTM-F2100 Level 1, 2 and 3 certified medical masks here.

Custom packaging

Medsup can create custom packaging to reflect your business. All our products are customizable. We will create for you a packaging and a product according to your brand image and your house brand. Medsup can also take care of the warehousing and distribution logistics of your in-house products. Service available to distributors, resellers, retailers and health networks.

Medsup Go Zero

The innovative Medsup Go Zero program recycles different types of medical equipment offered by Medsup. We pick up products from hospitals or other businesses via our identified containers. Our recycling plant disinfects the products, shreds them and converts them back into recycled plastic granules for reuse by various plastics companies.

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Laboratory and certification

Medsup's research and development team collaborates with various international scientific laboratories in order to guarantee you at all times top quality products certified for the various health networks. We can support you in making our products compliant according to your uses.

Humanitarian medical emergency

Medsup has developed expertise in the mass distribution of medical equipment. Our global logistics team can deliver tens of millions of products to any location on the planet within 24 hours. Our intervention units take care of medical distribution during natural or humanitarian disasters and during epidemics in consultation with NGOs and governments.

Medical Equipment Manufacturer and Wholesaler

Grossiste et Fabricant d'Équipement Médical

FDA License: 3016805481

Health / Santé Canada MDEL / LEIM: 12286

1 (873) 888-6137

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